When you employ an oxygen bar in your booth and give away oxygen sessions, you gain quality time with potential customers. We staff the bar, brand it, and serve the service so you are free to network with your customers. The popularity of the bar will attract visitors that normally would not stop to learn about your company and increase the returns from the show.

In normal trade shows, you have 30 seconds to make an impression on a potential customer. With an oxygen bar, they stop in for free oxygen and are tied to your booth! We train our staff to spend the first 30 seconds on how to sample the aromas, then they are instructed to go quiet and you now have time to explain your product line.

Late in the day when your reps are tired and not going that extra mile, treat them to a boost with an oxygen session and watch them hustle!

Some exhibitors give massages, while others spin a wheel to give away products… your problem is you are spending time spinning the wheel and not gaining quality time with your customers. With our operation, we run the bar and you network with potential customers.